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“I’m an average looking guy who is new to gay scene. I had no idea how to approach guys. After reading this book, I got the confidence to do so. I went to a gay bar last week, and I did better than picking up a cutie in a corner. I picked up and took one of the strippers home and no I did not pay him to do so LOL! Thanks for the info Mike!”
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“Your book liberated me. The pain and the ick factor were holding me back but not as much as the mental hangups I had about bottoming for another guy. Also, the way you explained why I was experiencing so much pain and the techniques you used to help me avoid it have completely changed my sex life. I am now completely versatile and it doesn’t matter how big my partner is. You rock!”

How Macho Morning ‘Zoo Crew’ Radio DJs React To Gay Guests.

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And Now for Our Next Guest…. The radio DJ put me on “mute” and I could hear him talking to the morning show producer as the commercials played in the background. “Who is this guy? Why are we interviewing him? The hell’s his name, anyway?” You know it’s going to be a bad day when it’s ten seconds before the commercials end and the DJ of the #1 station in the market doesn’t know who you are, what you’re doing there or what he’s going to ask you. Welcome to the organized, disciplined phenomenon known as Morning Drive radio. […]

How To Deal With The “Vanishing Texter.”

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Everyone has had this happen: you’re in the middle of the text thread with a cutie and suddenly he stops responding. He’s part of a breed single people know as “the Vanishing Texter.” Typically, he only answers direct questions. So, you can text him, “hey, what’s going on?” And he will respond right away. But the minute you try to keep the thread going he falls off the face of the earth. The question becomes, why does he bother responding if he’s not interested? […]

Excerpt #2 From Dale Dent’s Diary, The Gay Version Of Bridget Jones’ Diary.

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Is You Is Or Is You Ain’t My Baby? Thursday, July 8 Saw a new guy at the gym today.  Late twenties, slender, muscular.  “Trifecta,” I muttered under my breath as I reached for the dumbbell. His hair, oh my God, his hair.  Soft, blondish, jewelry-ish. Shined like a Faberge egg. And speaking of eggs I almost cracked mine when I realized he was kinda looking at me. I wanted to say something clever, something witty but all I managed to do was point to his chest and say “That’s not real, is it?” “Yes, it’s real,” he laughed.  “I spent a lot of time there.” He was wearing a sweatshirt that said “Transylvania University.” “I didn’t realize vampires had their own college,” I said.  “Was it tough, sitting through the classes, waiting for a blood break?” “Yes,” he said.  “Mean professors, too.  They went for the jugular if you gave the wrong answers.” “Okay, stop,” I say, “Or we’re going to pun ourselves to death.” […]

Excerpt From Dale Dent’s Diary, The Gay Version Of Bridget Jones’ Diary.

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Learning The Difference Between The Height Of The Flame & The Depth Of The Heat. Friday, November 1 Brad and I took our first weekend trip together.  We wanted to get away from everything so we took the dogs to a remote lodge in the Georgia Mountains. We couldn’t figure out why there were so many “Just Married” signs on the back of the parked cars. Then we saw the lobby doors.  The ones built in the shape of a giant red heart. We had booked ourselves into a lodge catering to honeymooning couples. I pull into a parking space.  Brad is halfway out the door when I yank him back in.  “Don’t even think about it,” I say.  “We’re not walking in together.” He relents and I walk in alone.  Nobody behind the desk.  I ring the bell, walk around.  I’ve never seen so many pictures of Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan and George Bush. Why would you have pictures of past presidents all over the lobby of your honeymoon lodge? Why would you only have pictures of Republican presidents all over the lobby of your honeymoon lodge? This wasn’t looking good at all. […]

Infographic Shows Everything You Need To Give Good Head

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From the folks at Carvaka Sex Toys comes this gem. Be sure to frame it, nail it to your living room wall and invite mom over for coffee. If yours is anything like mine, she'll [...]

15 Gifs That Perfectly Capture Your Dating Life

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You bounce from bars to parties to apps looking for Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now and end up with Mr, Let Go Of Me. Does any of this look familiar? 1. You went out [...]

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