Here’s the only way to start lasting longer in bed.

* Stop/Start. When you’re alone, masturbate until you get close to the point of no return then STOP. Do nothing but focus on the sensation of your penis. The urge to orgasm will subside within 3 minutes. Start masturbating again. Do this over and over and you’ll find you’ll last longer and longer.

* Pace. Now masturbate until you get close to coming and instead of stopping, slow down. PACE. Change the speed of your stroke, the pressure and the site of your grip (go from the head, where there’s more nerve endings, to the shaft where there’s less).

* Stop/Start with a Hottie. Have her (or him!) masturbate you until you get close to “ejaculatory inevitability” then STOP. Basically, follow step 1 only your partner’s doing the work and you’re doing the refereeing.

* Pace Together. Now have your partner masturbate you until you get close to coming and instead of stopping, PACE.

* Avoid Missionary. It’s harder to relax and concentrate on sensations. Lie flat on your back with your partner sitting on your sausage. Don’t move. Get acclimatized for as long as it takes. Now use the stop/start/pacing method. First, gently thrust up and down. Getting close? Stop. Wait a few minutes. Now have your partner move up and down. Close? Pace.

* Try Missionary Start moving. S-l-o-w-l-y. Keep using the Stop/Start/Pace method throughout. If your partners are any good, they’ll pretend it hurts–that way you’ll feel like you’ve got a big one. A well-timed “Ow!” is the best way to inflate a man’s ego.

For an even more detailed account on the Stop/Start/Pace method check out the link below.