gay date tipsIs your breath so bad people lose their short-term memory when they talk to you? The problem with checking your own breath is that the body becomes so accustomed to its own smells you literally cannot tell if your breath is bad even as other people can see the words come out of you.
So cupping your hands and blowing into them is a complete waste of time. You will not be able to detect bad breath. But the folks over at came up with an ingenious, foolproof way of figuring out if you have bad breath. I tried it this morning before I brushed my teeth and after I had my coffee. Two things: 1) It works! 2) The smell knocked me unconscious.
Here’s WebMD’s test. Try it for yourself:
Press your tongue as far back as you can reach against the back of your hand (not just the tip of your tongue, but the back of it). Let the saliva dry for 10 seconds, then smell.

And keel over.

Thanks, WebMD!