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How To Lie About Your Age And Get Away With It.

January 4th, 2017|

QUESTION I have so much better luck meeting guys online than offline that I’ve completely given up going to bars. I’m 48, very healthy, active, good looking, and blessed to look 35. Here’s my problem: When I put with my true age on my profile I get no responses. Absolutely zero. It doesn’t matter if it’s GrindR or Mister or all the other ones in between. If I lie and place the exact same words and pictures (only this time saying I’m 35), I get lots of responses. LOTS. It’s the exact same me…only the real me gets zip and the dishonest me gets plenty. I’m at a loss as to how to proceed. Even people my own age don’t respond to my 48 year-old ads, but they respond to my 35-year-old ads. I think the whole gay community is fucked up. I don’t believe in being dishonest. I don’t want to start a relationship where the first thing I say is a lie. I don’t even want a one night stand if I have to be dishonest to get it. But I also don’t want to be without sex for extended periods of time. What should I do? […]

The Best Gay Dating & Hookup Apps.

April 23rd, 2015|

Top 10 Gay Dating & Hookup Apps Ranked by Customer Satisfaction Reviews Ever wonder if your experience with the gay dating and hookup apps  matches up with other people’s experiences? Sure, you can compare notes with friends but why go with anecdote when you can look at hard data? To that end we compiled hundreds of thousands of gay dating and hookup app reviews from the Android and IOS platforms, merged them  and came up with a weighted average to get the clearest picture yet of which app gay men like best.   Note that there is actually a tie for the number one spot on our list, yet we designated a rank because of the “law of large numbers,” which states that larger numbers equate to more stable data.  In our case, that means the more reviews an app has, the more believable the rating.  So, Jack’d’s 4.1 rating is way more believable than Growlr’s 4.1 rating because it has triple the number of reviews.   App Rank WEIGHTED Average Rating (Apple + Android) Total # Reviews (Apple + Android) # Reviews by Platform Average Rating by Platform #1 Jack’d 4.1 127,856 Apple:  29,356 Android: 98,500 Apple:  4.0 Android: 4.1  #2 Hornet  4.1 96,585 Apple: 2,975 Android:  93,610 Apple: 4.0 Android: 4.1 #3 Scruff  4.1  68,458 Apple:  13,965 Android: 54,493 Apple:  4.0 Android: 4.2  #4 Growlr  4.1  32,112 Apple:  8,801 Android: 23,311 Apple:  4.0 Android:  4.2  #5 Tinder 4.0 1,522,854 Apple: 109,943 Android:  1,412,911 Apple: 4.5 Android:  4.0 #6 Mr X 3.8 4,218 Apple: 1,560 Android:  2,658 Apple: 4.0 Android:  3.7  #7 3.8 2,669 Apple: 106 Android: 2,563 Apple: 3.0 Android: 3.8 #8 Daddyhunt 3.7 996 Apple: 190 Android: 806 Apple: 4.0 Android: 3.6 #9 GrindR 3.6 252,765 Apple:   102,040 Android: 150,725 Apple:  3.5 Android: 3.6 #10 Adam4Adam (Radar) 2.4 3,058 Apple:  1,420 Android:  1,638 Apple: 1.5 Android:  3.2 #11 Manhunt Mobile 2.0 1,054 Apple:  1,054 Android: NA Apple: 2.0 Android: NA  #12 Ottr  —  No ratings Apple:  No Ratings Android: Not available Apple: No Ratings Android: Not available   Start Bottoming With No Pain TONIGHT! Get Spotlessly Clean • Cleans out the lower intestines. • Gently evacuates the colon. • Leaves your butt porn star clean. Learn More. FREE SHIPPING! Smokin’ Hot Sex Tips! • Learn the “Total Sphincter Relaxation” method. • Dozens of never-before-seen bottoming tips. • Clever tips for getting spotlessly clean. Learn More. Downloads straight to PC, Mac, Tablet or Phone. There are three aspects to gay dating apps that can make the experience feel like a massive cyber circle jerk. 1) You see a lot of the same guys on all the different platforms. 2) Every geosocial app is loaded with bitchy profiles where guys list all the things they’re not looking for without a word about what they desire. 3) There is an endless rabbit hole of headless, bare torsos.   With some of these apps you can almost smell the blow job breath through your smartphone. Other apps try to clean it up a bit so they can pass as a gay dating app not just a hook-up bathhouse. Either way, homo hook-up apps are the gay background music of our time, and here are six of the standout tracks: Gay Dating App #1: Whoa – talk about a blast from the past! Upon discovering that the venerable launched a new mobile dating/hook-up app in September, I couldn’t help but think of those recent commercials urging folks to check out the revamped MySpace. The app is billed as an extension of the computer version of “the world’s original and most recognized LGBT social networking site,” which may be true, but has anyone logged onto via a computer in the last five years? To my delightful surprise, I was thoroughly impressed by what I saw once I registered. Maybe it was the soft blue background or that (like Grindr) the thumbnails are larger than on most apps, but there was something refreshing about returning to the franchise. The app is still fresh enough to have that new condom smell (no offense intended to the scent of used rubbers). Of course you come across some profiles that you see active on EVERY site 24/7 (with the SAME photo that’s at least eight years old), but I also came across guys who had me wondering where they’ve been hiding. There were a surprising number of teenagers and guys in their early 20s on what I considered a retro platform, and a diversity of guys that could resurrect the once-iconic brand. However, it hasn’t been the easiest site for me to find tricks on. The comparatively lower number of guys who have downloaded the app can create quite a distance between you and the “nearest” hotties, and my early experiences reminded me of being in a chat room.   The Scene: The app is too young to have solidified its identity, and determining what guys are looking for is made more difficult by many, many guys not bothering to fill out their profile. Based on my experience, the app has earned a PG-13 rating, with flashes of flesh and sexual propositions, but many more selfies that would be safe to share with Aunt Roxy.   The Dudes: The youth presence is worth mentioning again, although most of the members are probably old enough to have had 1.0 profiles. A strong diversity of guys in all of the categories that count, and what seemed like a noteworthy number of Asians compared to other apps (although I do live near Georgia Tech).   The Boner: The app offers extensive search options, allows guys to browse without their GPS location being revealed, and is new enough to have less clutter between you and the guy(s) of your wet dreams. also allows members to “Like” each other’s pictures, which is a nice, casual middle ground of flirting between “Woof/Smile/Poke” and sending a message loaded with the awkwardness of “Hot pic, wanna fuck?”   The Buzz Kill: The “Wave.” I’ll let you take a poke at what it is. By far the Achilles heel of is the money-grab the apps makes, not even allowing guys to see who viewed their profiles without ponying-up for a premium account. What do you do once you’ve met him online? Grab your copy of the gay dating advice bible, Meet The Hottie In The Corner. Gay Dating App #2: Grindr If gay hookup apps were plotted as a scientific web graph, Grindr would be the nucleus from which all other apps sprout. In more colloquial terms, it’s the sperm that started the family tree. It speaks to our quick-pace society that in four short years, Grindr has gone from a revolutionary taboo to being the granddaddy of mobile hook-up options. Remember how sleazy this app seemed when it introduced us to GPS-based booty calls, with a name that many adult gay men considered too naughty for their sensibilities? Now it’s as casual a gay meeting space as Starbucks or the bathroom stalls in a nightclub, and creating a Grindr profile has become as much a rite of passage as getting a driver’s license. However, its popularity is its most fatal flaw. Just as it damages your psyche to see your Aunt Roxanne post semi-nude selfies on Facebook, it’s a major boner killer to be cruising for a hook-up and come across your neighbor or co-worker’s profile. I may know that my Human Resources manager plays for the same team, but our interactions are a bit more awkward once I know that he takes pictures from deceptively flattering angles, and describes himself as a “stone cold bitch who loves hard drinking, big […]