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Taking The Nerves Out of First Dates.

February 4th, 2017|

Dating can be scary. Let’s just put that out there and admit it. If you’re not looking for a hook-up, but actually want someone to spend your life with, then going on a first date might prove rather daunting. After all; you could be meeting Mr. Right, the one you’re going to be with forever. So, it’s no surprise that we get ourselves worked up into a frenzy of nerves before meeting someone for the first time. The problem is, these nerves can make grown men trip on their words, can cause the most talkative of people to become mute, and seemingly disconnect the mouth from the brain so that you start saying things without thinking first. Then, after that first mistake, the anxiety becomes even worse and things begin to unravel. How do I know this happens? Because I’ve been there many times. […]

How To Lie About Your Age And Get Away With It.

January 4th, 2017|

QUESTION I have so much better luck meeting guys online than offline that I’ve completely given up going to bars. I’m 48, very healthy, active, good looking, and blessed to look 35. Here’s my problem: When I put with my true age on my profile I get no responses. Absolutely zero. It doesn’t matter if it’s GrindR or Mister or all the other ones in between. If I lie and place the exact same words and pictures (only this time saying I’m 35), I get lots of responses. LOTS. It’s the exact same me…only the real me gets zip and the dishonest me gets plenty. I’m at a loss as to how to proceed. Even people my own age don’t respond to my 48 year-old ads, but they respond to my 35-year-old ads. I think the whole gay community is fucked up. I don’t believe in being dishonest. I don’t want to start a relationship where the first thing I say is a lie. I don’t even want a one night stand if I have to be dishonest to get it. But I also don’t want to be without sex for extended periods of time. What should I do? […]

How To Deal With The “Vanishing Texter.”

September 4th, 2016|

Everyone has had this happen: you’re in the middle of the text thread with a cutie and suddenly he stops responding. He’s part of a breed single people know as “the Vanishing Texter.” Typically, he only answers direct questions. So, you can text him, “hey, what’s going on?” And he will respond right away. But the minute you try to keep the thread going he falls off the face of the earth. The question becomes, why does he bother responding if he’s not interested? […]

Excerpt From Dale Dent’s Diary, The Gay Version Of Bridget Jones’ Diary.

July 4th, 2016|

Learning The Difference Between The Height Of The Flame & The Depth Of The Heat. Friday, November 1 Brad and I took our first weekend trip together.  We wanted to get away from everything so we took the dogs to a remote lodge in the Georgia Mountains. We couldn’t figure out why there were so many “Just Married” signs on the back of the parked cars. Then we saw the lobby doors.  The ones built in the shape of a giant red heart. We had booked ourselves into a lodge catering to honeymooning couples. I pull into a parking space.  Brad is halfway out the door when I yank him back in.  “Don’t even think about it,” I say.  “We’re not walking in together.” He relents and I walk in alone.  Nobody behind the desk.  I ring the bell, walk around.  I’ve never seen so many pictures of Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan and George Bush. Why would you have pictures of past presidents all over the lobby of your honeymoon lodge? Why would you only have pictures of Republican presidents all over the lobby of your honeymoon lodge? This wasn’t looking good at all. […]

The #1 reason that most guys fail with other guys: FEAR OF REJECTION.

May 4th, 2016|

It’s the biggest obstacle that any guy faces when it comes to improving his love life.Most guys will do anything to avoid being rejected by a good looking guy, including never trying at all. Sound familiar? I know it does for me. I’ve been there; we all have. That’s why I want to administer FIRST AID to every gay guy who’s struggling with a crippling fear of rejection.Let’s start with a question: Where did you get this fear? I mean, getting rejected by a guy doesn’t physically harm you. I don’t remember ever getting a black eye when a guy didn’t respond the way I wanted. […]

19 Cocky Funny Texts That’ll Put You Off Or Turn You On.

April 5th, 2016|

How Much Confidence Can You Take? Confidence is walking up to somebody you don’t know, with a smile, a complete lack of awkwardness and funny quip. Arrogance is never taking a hot shower because it fogs up the mirror. How would you brand these “cocky funny” texts? Confident or arrogant? How would you respond if you got one like these? Do tell. 1. You: (send a blank text) Likely Reply: Why did you send me a blank text? You: Babe, you don’t have to come up with excuses to talk to me. 2. You: I I was just thinking about you Likely Reply: Really? About what? You: I saw this cute puppy in the mall Likely Reply: awwwwww You: It was whining and getting all excited the closer I got 3. You: You remind me of my dog. Likely Response: Hey! You: What? I LOVE my dog. 4. You: Hey, are you good at accepting compliments from complete strangers?” Likely Response: Unfortunately, yeah. You: Sweet, me too. You go first, compliment me. 5. Those beautiful eyes….Those sexy lips……..The smoothest walk…..But enough about me, how are u doing? 6. Look how happy you are to hear from me. You LOVE me! 7. I’m so out of your league 8. Stop thinking about me. […]

Here’s A Clever Way Of Finding It If Your Breath Stinks.

December 10th, 2015|

Is your breath so bad people lose their short-term memory when they talk to you? The problem with checking your own breath is that the body becomes so accustomed to its own smells you literally cannot tell if your breath is bad even as other people can see the words come out of you.   So cupping your hands and blowing into them is a complete waste of time. You will not be able to detect bad breath. But the folks over at came up with an ingenious, foolproof way of figuring out if you have bad breath. I tried it this morning before I brushed my teeth and after I had my coffee. Two things: 1) It works! 2) The smell knocked me unconscious.   Here’s WebMD’s test. Try it for yourself: […]

How Do You Get A Guy to Admit His Infidelity?

December 3rd, 2015|

You got suspicious because anytime you get near his computer when he's online he closes all the windows so one day while he was gone you looked up the browser history and sure enough it was brimming with hookup sites and his mailboxes were stuffed with the promise of new meat.   How do you [...]

Do Drugs Make Sex Better?

May 7th, 2015|

The Biggest Drawback To Mixing Drugs With Sex Is That They Make You Think Safe Sex Is A Padded Headboard. Drugs teach different people different things.  Some people learn they can be more loving when they’re on drugs.  Others learn they can keep vomiting long after they think they’ve finished. No matter what you think about drugs there’s no escaping the fact that they’re a big part of  gay life.  Especially its sex life.  In less than a generation this country’s gone from Sex, Lies and Videotape to Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll.   Okay, Sex Drugs and Musical Theatre. […]

How To Give Him Your Phone Number And Make Him Think He Asked For It.

April 29th, 2015|

    7 Wildly Clever Ways of Putting His Dialing Finger To Work. In the ideal world Mr. Man has the confidence to ask for your number, but too many don’t.  So sometimes a guy’s gotta do what a guy’s gotta do and sometimes a guy has to give him his number and make him think he asked for it. You can do it in funny, clever ways.  The idea is to chase him until he catches you.  Here are some great examples that amp up the fun with zero awkwardness:         […]