12 Man-On-Man Kissing GIFs That Went Terribly Wrong.

December 12th, 2014|

Apparently the only two options when you're kissed by another man is to kiss back or hit hard. But either way it's hard to deny how funny these GIFs are. Watch out for that left hook! NOTE: Depending on your browser you might have to double click on the GIF to see it animate. 1. [...]

Where Are All The Hot Older Guys? On Your Phone!

December 9th, 2014|

There are really only two online options for older gay guys who like younger and younger gay guys who like older: www.daddyhunt.net and www.silverdaddies.com. The problem is that our love lives, like everything else, have moved to mobile.  Perhaps because at least half of the members to those two websites are 40+ they've been late to [...]

14 Celebrity Gay Couples With Big Age Differences.

June 16th, 2014|

  Are Intergenerational Celebrity Couples Setting A New Trend? Or is the media just now picking up on it? Here are our favorite age-defying couples...                                           Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black. Matt Bomer and [...]

New York Times: Study Confirms That If You’re Loudly Homophobic You’re Most Likely Gay

May 1st, 2012|

Well, it didn't take a genius to figure out that a good many homophobes are doth protesting too much, but it's nice to have evidence to back you up.  In this week's The New York Times, there's a fascinating study that shows homophobia is driven in large part by a subconscious rebellion against homosexual tendencies. [...]

Woman Marries Closeted Gay Guy. How Does She Get Out?

August 17th, 2011|

Q: I’m a woman who’s read your book three times, working on a fourth.  I love your style and your common sense attitudes toward health and insight into male minds.  
I’m writing because I am married to a man who I believe is gay.  We’ve never had sex — not before or after the wedding.  Not even on the honeymoon night.  From comments he’s made and where his eyes wander, I believe he is attracted to men, not women.  He makes constant references to cute men, tight asses, loving the way males look and feel, and so forth.  I should have known — all the signs were there — but I liked him so much as a person and I was terribly lonely.     I believe he only married me because he was trying to deny his Southern Baptist upbringing in the belief that homosexuality was a damnable sin.  Being married made him “safe” and meant he didn’t have to face some facts about himself.  I hate him for using me as his “beard”, but I also I know I should have cut it off before saying “I do”. 
Here’s the problem: even though he refuses to have any physical contact, let alone sex (I’ve offered him everything from anal to blow jobs to hand jobs; he turns me down flat and seems repelled) he won’t hear of any options.  As best as I can tell, he seems to expect me to live a life of faithful celibacy.  He won’t even consider counseling to work things out. 
He’s very controlling.  I don’t have a job anymore, and I don’t have any friends I can go to.  My family, also strong Southern Baptist by nature, refuse to countenance the idea of my leaving him for another life.  I don’t have any money of my own, and I don’t have a car.  What can I do to get out of this awful situation?   — Sad and Broken     Dear Liza Minelli: You married a guy that was gayer than Christmas at Bloomingdale’s and it’s just now occurring to you that it won’t work?  Honey, those weren’t clues he was throwing at you, they were meteors.  And now you’ve gotta crawl out of the holes they’ve made.  Or rather *YOU* made.  Accepting responsibility is your first step.  Don’t kid yourself—you aren’t a victim; you’re a volunteer.  He may be an asshole but you gave him all the tools to shape his assholiness:  encouragement, compliance, and an unwillingness to leave when you could have. […]

How To Turn A Sex Buddy Into A Boyfriend

January 21st, 2011|

Q: I’ve been having no-strings sex with this guy for like, 2 years.  Every month or so he comes over, we play hide the salami, he takes a shower and that’s about it.  But lately, we’ve been doing it more often and actually having decent conversations at the end of our sessions.  Well, guess what?  I’m falling for him.  I want to ask him out on a date but I’m not sure how or whether I should.  On the one hand, I don’t want to scare him off and ruin the chance of getting laid regularly, but on the other, I want to take this to the next level.  What’s the best way of turning a fuck buddy into a boyfriend? A: You may as well try turning Clay Aiken into a top.   Fuck buddies are about being involved; boyfriends are about being committed.   Think of it like a sausage and eggs breakfast–the chicken was involved; the pig was committed. Your fuck buddy’s eggs are involved and now you want his sausage committed?   Good luck. Still, it *is* possible to convert him from a penis that’s attached to nobody special to somebody special with an attached penis.   The best way to up the odds is to play it cool.    That means: *  No Heart-To-Heart Talks. If you call him up and say, “We need to talk,” it better be about switching lubes or trying new positions.  Don’t get me wrong—you *do* need to talk.  A lot, actually.  Just not about your feelings.  Figure out what he likes outside the bedroom and bring it up.  You need to establish a bond with him that doesn’t involve sex. *  Invest In Bottle Openers. You want him as loose as your morals and the best way to do that is to ply him with liquor.  You don’t want him just listening—you want him talking.  And alcohol will make his mouth as promiscuous as Paris Hilton’s publicist.  Start the pouring before you head for the bed or after you’re done.  The point is to get to know each other better. […]

Advice For Men Seeking Men On The Gay Dating Sites

January 11th, 2011|

Q: I use all the dating sites I can to harvest a few dates, but I’m not having much luck. Is there some kind of code that I can’t seem to crack? Why am I only attracting freaks, flakes and femmes? I’m wondering if you would take a look at my profile and tell me how I could improve it. — Desperate for better hits Dear Desperate: I looked at your profile. You couldn’t attract men if you wore magnets. You’re doing so many things wrong I hardly know where to start. So rather than pick your profile apart (the Rapture would come before I finished) let me just give you some of the rules for meeting higher quality guys. They’re taken from my brand new men seeking men online ebook: Attract Hotter Guys Online. The Secrets To Making Yourself Irresistible on Gay Dating Sites. […]

My Vote For The Funniest New Yorker Cartoon Of The Year

December 7th, 2010|

Why Men Disappear

September 29th, 2010|

By Blane Bachelor, Author On Being A Bachelor: Thoughts On Dating, Mating & Relating He Goes Out Of His Way To Tell You How Much He Likes You. Then POOF! He Disappears. Why? Since moving to New York, my friend C. has been tearing through a boy buffet. She’s been on scads of dates, sampling all kinds of guys: high-rolling investment bankers, too-cool hipsters, laid-back musicians. But when C. met someone I’ll call The Magician, she was ready to put down her fork. The Magician seemed to be the perfect guy for her: charming, easy with a laugh and eager to match her sharp wit. They went out a solid seven times over three weeks. On the days when they didn’t see each other, The Magician would call, e-mail or text, telling C. how much he missed her and how much he was looking forward to their next date. Their romance, it appeared, was firing up faster than a North Korean nuke. Then, The Magician pulled a stunt that, sadly, has claimed as its target almost everyone who has been in the dating world for any amount of time: The Disappearing Act. He first canceled plans to go out one evening to celebrate his birthday – and downgraded C. to an apartment visit instead. She was suspicious, but agreed to meet the following Friday for the rescheduled date. When she sent him a confirmation text the day before, his response was three words: “I can’t. Monday?” Of course, after getting bumped twice, C. gave up trying. And — poof! — with that cryptic text message, The Magician vanished from her life. She hasn’t heard from him since. Dating certainly has its downsides, but nearly none as devastating, or dumbfounding, as being a victim of The Disappearing Act. When we get to a certain level of knowing someone — or, rather, thinking we know someone — and they seem simply to fall off the face of the earth, the confusion and frustration is like a punch to the gut. Bliss turns into disbelief, and we turn into zombie-like creatures, drifting through our days wondering, “What the hell happened?” […]

How To Text A Guy You Like

September 24th, 2010|

by Krystal K. Jones http://www.getaguyguru.com/ Learning how to text a guy you like is easy enough. Besides focusing on what to do to impress him, you can also try to learn what not to do. The “don’ts” of flirting through text messages are important to learn. You don’t want your guy shutting his phone every time he sees a text message from you, do you? • Don’t text him during inappropriate times such as the middle of the night or early office hours when you know he’s in a meeting. Remember that there is a time and place for everything. Wanting a text conversation during sleeping hours is not the definition of flirty or fun. […]