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“I’m an average looking guy who is new to gay scene. I had no idea how to approach guys. After reading this book, I got the confidence to do so. I went to a gay bar last week, and I did better than picking up a cutie in a corner. I picked up and took one of the strippers home and no I did not pay him to do so LOL! Thanks for the info Mike!”
“Hi, Mike. Within a week of downloading your gay body language guide, Attract Hotter Guys, I went from zero to hero in the bars. I couldn’t believe how many ‘go away’ signals I was giving off without knowing! I’m now having more sex with better-looking guys than I ever thought possible. The biggest help: Your “triangular gaze pattern.” It works! This book is everything you say it is and more.”
“Your book liberated me. The pain and the ick factor were holding me back but not as much as the mental hangups I had about bottoming for another guy. Also, the way you explained why I was experiencing so much pain and the techniques you used to help me avoid it have completely changed my sex life. I am now completely versatile and it doesn’t matter how big my partner is. You rock!”

The 2 Funniest Gag Gifts For Men

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Gag Gift Ideas For Men Looking for funny gag gifts?  We’ve got two that are absolutely hilarious.  They’re about sex–OF COURSE!  So what makes the two books below so funny?  Well, they’re both 150 pages.  And did we mention they’re all BLANK? Imagine seeing the faces of friends picking the book up from your coffee table and finding that the answer to “What’s better than blow jobs” is 150 pages of NOTHING.   It’s a great Christmas stocking stuffer or gift for any occasion–birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day. Wait. That’s not right. What were we thinking?   Buy it today and get a laugh tomorrow.   Gag Gift Idea #1 What’s the joke? 150 BLANK pages! Only $12.99.  Click here to order. Gag Gift Idea #2 […]

Here’s A Clever Way Of Finding It If Your Breath Stinks.

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Is your breath so bad people lose their short-term memory when they talk to you? The problem with checking your own breath is that the body becomes so accustomed to its own smells you literally cannot tell if your breath is bad even as other people can see the words come out of you.   So cupping your hands and blowing into them is a complete waste of time. You will not be able to detect bad breath. But the folks over at came up with an ingenious, foolproof way of figuring out if you have bad breath. I tried it this morning before I brushed my teeth and after I had my coffee. Two things: 1) It works! 2) The smell knocked me unconscious.   Here’s WebMD’s test. Try it for yourself: […]

How Do You Get A Guy to Admit His Infidelity?

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You got suspicious because anytime you get near his computer when he's online he closes all the windows so one day while he was gone you looked up the browser history and sure enough it [...]

What To Do When You’re Trapped In A Sexless Marriage

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Q:  I’ve been happily married for 25 years. Except for the first five years, my husband and I have no sexual relationship.  His drive is very low and I lost interest in trying to find ways to improve it.  Now in our early 50’s, we are both still fit, attractive people.  However, I have missed the scent, touch, and feel of a man’s body and I am not getting younger.  I wish to remain married and, no, it’s too far for the two of us to find our way back to a sexual relationship. He still has no drive and has expressed he misses nothing.  I look at guys my age in restaurants, grocery stores, church… everywhere. And I wonder how many of them have no sexual outlet like me.  I’m trapped in a sexless marriage.  What can I do? —  Too young to shrivel up Dear Too Young: Marry the man you love and take a vow of sexual poverty?  I’ve met with our editorial board and we’ve voted you Hell’s official spokesperson.  Because any man looking for an eternity of emotional, sexual and physical abuse couldn’t find a better place for it than where you’re standing. […]

How Gay Are You?

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Paul Rudnick in The New Yorker has a hysterical take on Kinsey's Straight-to-gay spectrum.  Here's a tidbit:   Alfred Kinsey believed that human sexuality could be charted on a scale of 0 to 6, with [...]

Top 10 Gay Dating & Hookup Apps Ranked by Customer Satisfaction Reviews

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If you've ever Googled "gay dating app reviews" or "best gay hookup apps" you'll get one person's opinion on the subject.  Listening to one critic may not be appropriate if said critic doesn't share your [...]

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