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Was Alexander The Great Gay?

By | November 13th, 2015|Categories: Celebrities, Uncategorized|

Was Alexander The Great Gay? It Depends On What you Mean By “Gay.” If you mean was he sexually and romantically attracted to men, then he wasn’t gay. He was gay on stilts. But if you mean did he identify himself as “gay,” then the answer is no. The concepts of heterosexuality and homosexuality didn’t exist in ancient times. In that sense asking if Alexander was gay is like asking whether he used cell phones or landlines. So strictly speaking, Alexander was not gay. He simply had an unquenchable thirst for male flesh. To fully understand the context of Alexander’s love life, you have to understand how the ancient Greeks perceived the roles of men and women. Basically, women were baby factories. You either married them to carry on your lineage or you married them to acquire something important like territory, strategic alliances, and in many cases, exceptional wardrobes. It’s not that love didn’t exist between men and women; it’s that it wasn’t necessary or even desirable in a marriage. […]

Survey: Which Sexual Innuendo Is More Likely To Get You In Trouble At Thanksgiving?

By | November 12th, 2015|Categories: Men Seeking Men Absurdities, Uncategorized|

 Ahh, Thanksgiving! A time to reflect on life, express gratitude, and...see how much innuendo you can get away with before somebody donkey punches you with a drumstick.   So! Let's vote...   online poll by [...]

The Best Gay Marriage Video Ever

By | November 12th, 2015|Categories: Misc Men Dating Men Posts|

If you haven't seen this video out of Australia start clicking.  It's sheer emotional power is overwhelming.  That they produced it without any dialogue or narration is amazing.    

How To Lose Weight Without Dieting

By | October 23rd, 2015|Categories: Uncategorized|

Can You Eat What You Want & Stay Sexy Skinny? Yes, if you use Habituation, Desensitization and Delayed Gratification Techniques.     Almost everyone has a moment of reckoning about their weight gain—a moment so packed with meaning that it bursts through the damn of denial. Mine came at a department store when I was 28 and unconsciously reached for a size 36 waist pants. Wasn’t I a 34 for the last six months? And a 32 the year before? I could no longer pretend the dry cleaners were using some kind of chemical that shrank my pants. Skinny all my life I had come to an unwanted realization: I was getting fat. And that if I didn’t change my direction I was going to end up where I was headed. […]

Do Guys OWE You SEX If You’ve Paid For Dinner?

By | July 30th, 2015|Categories: gay dating, Gay Sex|

QUESTION: I keep meeting these guys that sexually tease me and then at the last minute they play Sister Mary Magdalene and claim they’re “just not that kind of girl.” Last month I met some flight attendant on the way home from a business trip and he agreed to spend the next weekend with me. We had a great dinner and then things got hot and heavy at my place. We’re kissing, scratching tonsils with our tongues and our hands are all over each other. I make my move and I guess he gets insulted that I tried to board him without the proper ticketing or something. […]

You Do WHAT?!

By | June 15th, 2015|Categories: gay dating|

Guest Post by Eileen Dover for We’ve all seen the ads, even in the “Pre-Grindr/Scruff” days when a dude would put an ad in the back of a magazine or a recording on a phone line with his stats, size, girth, and phone number, waiting for someone to call, someone hot, someone young, someone sexy, someone……..Straight acting, Straight appearing, certainly not fat or femmie and if they’ve ever worn a dress please, don’t waste your time. Even men who themselves, are not jacked and masculine reject men who don’t live up to their preconceived notions of a man that both mainstream and gay media perpetuate. It strikes me hilarious when an average looking, heavy set, Madonna loving, Golden Girls watching, cocktail party throwing, gay guy has so much to say about the level of tolerable femininity or desired amount of masculinity a potential suitor is allowed to portray… For shame! […]

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