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Only single people think love can save a relationship.

October 13th, 2008|

Love ain’t enough.  That’s a bitter pill to swallow. Or as a slightly oversexed friend likes to say, a bitter pillow to bite.  When you’re in a relationship you realize love has all the limitations of glue:  It can’t stick if the parts don’t fit. I thought about all this when I bumped into an ex-boyfriend, who reminded [...]

Dating & The Dead Cat Bounce.

September 2nd, 2008|

Everybody who’s single goes through the “Dead Cat Bounce.”  Wall Street uses the term when the stock market plunges, bounces up, and then continues dying.  Dating’s like that.  There you are, in a date-less free-fall, when you suddenly meet somebody great, bounce up, and think your industry sector is on the rise.  But then it doesn't work [...]