12 Man-On-Man Kissing GIFs That Went Terribly Wrong.

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Apparently the only two options when you're kissed by another man is to kiss back or hit hard. But either way it's hard to deny how funny these GIFs are. Watch out for that left hook! NOTE: Depending on your browser you might have to double click on the GIF to see it animate. 1. [...]

Where Are All The Hot Older Guys? On Your Phone!

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There are really only two online options for older gay guys who like younger and younger gay guys who like older: www.daddyhunt.net and www.silverdaddies.com. The problem is that our love lives, like everything else, have moved to mobile.  Perhaps because at least half of the members to those two websites are 40+ they've been late to [...]

14 Celebrity Gay Couples With Big Age Differences.

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  Are Intergenerational Celebrity Couples Setting A New Trend? Or is the media just now picking up on it? Here are our favorite age-defying couples...                                           Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black. Matt Bomer and [...]

Woman Marries Closeted Gay Guy. How Does She Get Out?

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Q: I’m a woman who’s read your book three times, working on a fourth.  I love your style and your common sense attitudes toward health and insight into male minds.  
I’m writing because I am married to a man who I believe is gay.  We’ve never had sex — not before or after the wedding. [...]

How To Turn A Sex Buddy Into A Boyfriend

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Q: I’ve been having no-strings sex with this guy for like, 2 years.  Every month or so he comes over, we play hide the salami, he takes a shower and that’s about it.  But lately, we’ve been doing it more often and actually having decent conversations at the end of our sessions.  Well, guess what?  [...]

Advice For Men Seeking Men On The Gay Dating Sites

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Q: I use all the dating sites I can to harvest a few dates, but I’m not having much luck. Is there some kind of code that I can’t seem to crack? Why am I only attracting freaks, flakes and femmes? I’m wondering if you would take a look at my profile and tell me [...]

Why Men Disappear

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By Blane Bachelor, Author On Being A Bachelor: Thoughts On Dating, Mating & Relating He Goes Out Of His Way To Tell You How Much He Likes You. Then POOF! He Disappears. Why? Since moving to New York, my friend C. has been tearing through a boy buffet. She’s been on scads of dates, sampling [...]

How To Text A Guy You Like

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by Krystal K. Jones http://www.getaguyguru.com/ Learning how to text a guy you like is easy enough. Besides focusing on what to do to impress him, you can also try to learn what not to do. The “don’ts” of flirting through text messages are important to learn. You don’t want your guy shutting his phone every [...]