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Gay Online Dating: How To Meet Worthwhile Guys.

Are you only meeting freaks and flakes on the gay dating sites? Wasn’t online supposed to be your sexual savior? You’re dating salvation? What the heck happened? Why are you attracting guys that turn you off? And why do the guys that turn you on avoid you like a bad perm?

Look at your profile. Most of the answer’s in there.

As’s former advice columnist and a consultant for other gay dating sites, I’ve seen some mind-blowing research about what works and what doesn’t on the men for men sites. The research is crystal clear: There are certain techniques in building a profile, uploading pictures, choosing a screen name and creating a headline that result in a far higher likelihood of meeting, connecting, and dating the kind of guys you like.

Luckily, The Research From Gay Dating Sites Is In Your Favor.

What separates the winners from the losers? At first, I figured it could only be one thing: Beauty. To prove it I looked at “exit interviews” (people telling us why they’ve left the site). I looked at the profiles of the guys who wrote, “I left because I met somebody on the site” and the profiles of guys who wrote, “I left because I got so few responses.”

Boy, was I wrong. There were just as many good-looking guys in the failure pool as there were average-looking guys in the successful pool. After looking at thousands of profiles I can tell you the real reason why some guys succeed and some don’t. It isn’t their beauty; it’s the way they present themselves.

Are You Happy With The Quality Of Guys You’re Meeting?

Probably not, or you wouldn’t be reading this. Whether you’re online to get laid or get a date, I’m assuming YOU WANT TO DO IT WITH HOTTER GUYS. If you just want to date or hookup with anybody that’s breathing you don’t need my advice.

I say this because you’re going to read some eyebrow-raising stuff–things you don’t need to do if you just want to meet average or below average guys. But if you want to up the heat factor then follow my tips–they’re backed by a lot of research and observation.

The Three-Step Secret To Meeting Higher Quality Guys

1. Post The Kind Of Pictures That Appeal To A Better Class Of Guy.
Research shows that guys in the upper end of the beauty and personality spectrum are attracted to certain kinds of pictures and turned off by others. This is true for hookup sites like Manhunt and gay relationship sites like or Which ones have you uploaded?

2. Create A Must-Read Profile
Hotter guys care about the quality of guy they meet on the men dating men sites, even if it’s just for a night. Don’t you? So they absolutely read profiles and p.s. the research shows they’re looking for specific characteristics. Did you include them in yours?

I’ll let you in on two secrets the people running gay dating sites have known for years: First, a profile is just as important on a men looking for men hookup site as it is on a gay relationship site. Second, any profile longer than a certain amount of words is a waste of time (even on sites like

3. Communicate In Ways That Make Him Want To Know You
Let’s be honest. Everybody wants the hotter guys. They get hit on like nails at a hammer convention. They’re buried in messages. If you message or respond to them in the same boring, unimaginative ways other guys do, you’re going down. And not in the way you were hoping.

So, exactly how engaging are you online? In my ebook, Attract Hotter Guys Online: The Secret To Making Yourself Irresistible On Men Seeking Men Sites, I show you the best opening lines to use, how to keep the message thread energized and get your guy progressively more interested. But I digress. Let’s move forward.


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Secrets To Posting Must-See Photos In Men For Men Sites

At the risk of stating the obvious, gay men think with their eyes (and sometimes act with their crotch). You have got to get over the idea that you can attract or meet good looking guys without lots of high-quality pictures. I’m harping on this for a reason: It astounds me how many guys get online with no pictures, one or two pictures, bad pictures or some combination of the three.

Imagine you’re buying a car and you’re at the manufacturer’s website. You see pictures that are so fuzzy or taken from so far away you can’t decide if it’s a car or a truck.

Would you visit the dealer?

Of course not. So why do you think people will visit your lot if you use the same photo strategy? Let me share some of the results from a focus group I helped conduct for a gay dating site. It was a series of questions with multiple choice answers.

Question #1: “What is the principal reason that you hesitate to contact or respond to somebody who initially looks like your type of guy?”

Answer: His pictures made me doubt what he looks like in real life.

Question #2: “What is the principal reason that you hesitate or refuse to give a guy your number after you showed him initial interest?”

Answer: His pictures made me doubt what he looks like in real life.

Question #3: “What is the principal reason that you hesitate or refuse to meet a guy if you’ve talked to him on the phone?”

Answer: His pictures made me doubt what he looks like in real life.

Question #4: “Have you ever failed to show up after agreeing to meet a guy online, and if so what was the principal reason?”

Answer: His pictures made me doubt what he looks like in real life.

The research conclusions are as clear as a rainbow leading to a pot of gold: If you want to eliminate the flake & fake factor, if you want to increase the number of emails you get, if you want him to accept your phone call, if you want him to arrange a meeting and actually show up, DO NOT GIVE HIM ANY REASON TO QUESTION WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE.

Now the question is, how do you do that?

How To Guarantee Nobody Doubts Your Pictures

The formula for doubt-prevention is in my ebook, Attract Hotter Guys Online: The Secret To Making Yourself Irresistible On Men Looking For Men Sites. In it, I share the research that shows how many photos you should post and the type of photos that attract the guys you’re hoping for. I show you everything from what you should wear, what you should be doing, and how to use lighting and angles to get the best digital you. Take a look:

1. Use Nine Pictures.
This goes for the one-nighter sites as well as the gay love sites. Why? Because the research shows that’s the optimal number of pictures you should have. Fewer than that and doubt starts to creep in. More than that and you look like a narcissist. Now, the real question is, what kind of pictures should they be?

2. Use My Rule Of Threes
Studies show that men of a certain class respond positively to pictures with certain types of clothing and photos that show certain activities. Use my Rule Of Threes to cover all your bases. It’s on page 50 of my ebook.

3. Use High Quality Pictures.
Easier said than done, huh? But I show you how to use home lighting and the best angles to shoot from. You’ll also get my recommendations on the best free (or inexpensive) photo editing applications to get the best you out of your photos.

4. Use Tricks Fashion Models Use To Create Desire
It’s on page 46 of my ebook. They are astoundingly simple ways of looking at the camera in ways that capture people’s attention. The ebook is worth it just for this section alone! At $19.99 with a 30 day money back guarantee, it’s practically a free trial. Click here to order. It downloads as a pdf file so you don’t need an eReader like Kindle. Just download, read it on your computer or print it off.

Should You Post Pictures Of Your Package?
Obviously, you’re not going to do this on sites like, but what about the one nigher sites like Manhunt? I get this question all the time in my advice columns. The research findings are absolutely clear. And it’s all on page 47 of my ebook.

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Why A Screen Name Can Make Or Break

Your Chances On The Men Dating Men Sites


Studies show that guys make snap judgments about who you are by the choice of your handle. And the two worst performing kinds of screen names? Something sexual like, BTTOM4U (even on men looking for men hookup sites) and anything with numbers like, NATHAN0674.

Sound familiar? If you’re using either kind of username, STOP. DELETE. And follow my formula on page 70. Attract Hotter Guys Online is $19.99 and it comes with three bonus e-Reports worth $30. They’re free when you order the eBook, which you can do right here.

As an extra extra bonus, I give you a list of secret websites that professional writers use to create original material. Use them to create screen names, headlines and profiles. They’re incredibly fun to use and a great way to come up with original, irresistible ways of describing yourself.

Why You Have To Come Up With A Clever Headline

On The Man Seeking Man Sites.

It’s hard to believe but next to pictures, the headline is the most widely looked at element in your profile. If guys don’t read your headline (or aren’t impressed by it), your chances of them looking at your profile are slim and none. Emphasis on none. And if they don’t read your profile, you have no chance of reeling them in. I’ll show you the top ten worst and most overused headlines (you’re probably using them–stop it!).

But more importantly, I list loads of focus-group tested headlines that you can simply copy/paste onto your profile.

Why A Smokin’ Hot Profile Matters

Whether You’re Looking For A Good Time Or A Loving Husband

Hotter looking guys care about the guys they connect with, no matter what gay site they’re on. It’s true your profile should be different on Manhunt than Match, but they’re necessary on both. Use the six-step formula in my ebook and you’ll build the kind of profile that’ll make your email box light up like a Macy’s Christmas window. It’s step #6 that’s the game changer.

For now, know this: Long and detailed profiles may work in straight dating sites but they’re the kiss of death on gay sites.

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How To Hit Up A Guy

In A Way That Guarantees A Quick Response.

You see a guy online so hot he renders you incapable of thought. How do you hit him up? “Hello?” “What’s up?” “Nice pics.” Yes, show him you have the personality of a mortician. Listen, if you think the guy’s hot, chances are everybody else does too. You need to write the kind of emails that not only get opened every time but set the stage for more contact.

Quick tip: It’s a TERRIBLE idea to have more than a few exchanges on email or IM. You’re there to meet, not type. Your goal on email/IM is to step it up to a phone call.

How To Get Him To Gladly Give You His Phone Number.

Transitioning from email/IM to phone can be a little tricky. Especially when you’re practically drooling on your mouse pad. Ask too soon and you come off desperate. Ask too late and you’ll miss the magic window. Still, your goal is to advance to the next step quickly. Studies show the longer you wait to advance to a phone call or a meeting, the less likely it’s going to happen.

You’re probably thinking, “Why don’t I just offer my number?” Perfectly reasonable question to ask. Here’s why: What if they don’t have the guts to call or text? You need to get them to give you their phone number so you’re in control. For these and other great tips, order my eBook Attract Hotter Guys Online: The Secret To Making Yourself Irresistible Online here.

But back to getting his number. How? Here’s one of a dozen examples in Attract Hotter Guys:

“Maybe you should give me your number so I can continue to tease you over the phone.”

The Secret To Turning A Phone Call Into A Date (Or A Hook Up)

Don’t let bad phone mojo ruin a potential date. The truth is, talking to a stranger is so anxiety-provoking you can end up making your coffee nervous. Here are just a couple of examples from Attract Hotter Guys Online that you can put to use right away:

Prepare, prepare, prepare. Review his profile, keep it up on the screen and scan it while you’re dialing.

Give him your full attention. Nothing turns a prospect off like hearing an episode of SpongeBob Square Pants blaring away in the background (Glee might be a different story though). Turn off the TV or even the background music if it distracts you. Or worse, him.

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How To Make Him Want You When You Meet

Having a ‘real life’ conversation with a stranger from a man seeking man site can be more awkward than turning the TV to GLEE in a sports bar.

Your job is to avoid conversational dead-ends and juice up the chemistry. In Attract Hotter Guys Online: The Secret To Making Yourself Irresistible On Men Seeking Men Sites ($19.99 with a 30 day money back guarantee), I show you how to electrify the conversation through the use of ‘multiple threads,’ a special conversational technique that keeps everybody’s interest up.

You’ll also learn how to build mild forms of suspense in the way you tell a story, how to rephrase boring ‘interview’ questions into interesting comments, how to use time constraints in conversations so they pique interest and how to ‘assert your frame’ if the conversation drifts to something unhelpful.

I even show you how to answer “What do you do?” in an inventive way. It’s all in the meeting section of Attract Hotter Guys Online. Order it now and learn how to be a fascinating conversationalist right away. At $19.99 with a 30 day money back guarantee, it’s really a free trial. And with $30 in bonus eReports, it’s a deal you just can’t pass up.

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Todd, 35, New York

“Hello Mike,

I almost didn’t buy Attract Hotter Guys because I didn’t believe you when you said beauty wasn’t the main factor in success. To be truthful, I ain’t the prettiest patch in the porch so I chalked up my online failures to that. But then I put your advice into action and whoa! I got so many responses and am meeting so many guys in coffee shops I feel like I’m gay speed dating. Oddly, the thing that helped me most were your engaging conversation strategies. I use them whenever I meet somebody new in bars and parties, not just online. You need to charge double!”

Josh, 29, Los Angeles

“Dear Mike,

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-Carl, 42, Sydney

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* Tricks fashion models use to create desire in their photos

* Tips on creating captivating screen names

* List of secret websites that professional writers use–they’ll help you come up with creative headlines, screen names and profiles

* List of top ten worst and most overused headlines (you’re probably using them!)

* List of focus-group tested headlines you can copy/paste onto your profile

* How to get a hottie to respond to your emails/IMs

* How to get him to gladly give you his phone number

* The secrets to turning a phone call into a date (or hookup!)

* How to make him want you when you meet

* Conversation techniques that energize, build rapport and create desire

Don’t Spend Another Night Clicking Away Without A New Way Of Meeting And Attracting Gay Men Online.



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